About Stark

STARK one of the major company specialized in the manufacture, supply and hire of temporary concrete road barriers both Single Sided and Double Sided. For use in traffic management, in security to secure sites and prevent unauthorized access or as a demarcation barrier.

The increased number of mega projects across UAE and OMAN brings utmost attention towards increased and improved road-infrastructure for the optimum value projection. Concrete barriers also have the added advantage of being cost-effective portable barriers suitable to be used as part of a temporary or permanent security installation solution. All pre-cast concrete barriers are steel reinforced, and engineered to provide maximum impact attacks. Applications Shopping malls Public areas and squares Government building forecourts Defense sites.

Whether it’s a construction of a new road, expansion to an existing one or a construction beside a busy road or excavation, Safety and management of the existing traffic flow at such sites is of great importance. The government has taken notice of this safety and flow management requirements and hence made it a compliance regulation for all road construction companies to use reliable and safe road-side safety barriers during their projects.

We at STARK have developed our products through an evolutionary product design process during past decade. We have learned through our experience and massive customer feedback to perfect our solutions. Professionals at STARK knows and understand the dynamics of a crash accident and have designed their unique barriers by implying those data factors collected through various crash experiments performed.

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